Meet The Family

Ever since the kids were young, the Draget family has sung together – first during their daily family worship time and then also at church and other occasions.

Music has been a very important part of the Draget family for many years. During the past decade Sarah and Geanina Draget have written beautiful and inspiring songs that take us through their spiritual journey. Seven years ago the family was able to produce the first CD entitled 'Last Chance'.

Sarah went on to professionally produce her second album, 'Give Me a Song' a few years later. She wrote all the music, accompaniment, and vocals herself. She wrote several of the song lyrics herself and had help with many more from her mother, Geanina.

The Draget Family then went on to produce their first CD together, 'Simply Hymns'. In an age of increasing unrest and anxiety, the Draget family believes that listening to, learning, and singing the hymns will fill our hearts with peace and hope. There are no special arrangements on their CD – only beautiful harmonies accompanied by the piano, so that you can sing along with these old favorites.

In their newest project, the Draget family went on to put all 22 sections of Psalm 199 to the tune of beautiful hymns, which is a powerful tool for meditating on God's word and memorizing Scripture. All of these songs and albums listed here can be purchased digitally or on CD's at the button below.

It is our prayer that through listening to these songs your minds and hearts will be uplifted to God.

- The Draget Family

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Sarah Draget

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What Listeners are Saying

“I saw your ad on Facebook and checked your page out. I figured any young person who was willing to do music that isn't rock deserved my purchase. Thank you for making this music available and for making your talents available to God.”

EthanTexas, USA

“I am listening to the most WONDERFUL cd ever right now... I only was able to listen to the first five or six songs before the headphones were hijacked. Absolutely beautiful and very, very, very well done.”

TiffanyWest Virginia, USA

“Sarah indeed has a gift - and a heart for the Lord!”

SharonKansas, USA